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Almost done with school!

2016-04-29 20:22:14 by JazzFae

Yippee! All I have left is a finance final on Monday and then it will only be a few days until the graduation ceremony. So excited to finally get this degree off my back! (even though I have no interest in the field. at all.) Suddenly my artistic spirit is slowly trickling back... I'm going to finish some of those sketches I've had laying around. It would be nice to get something pretty up before my AWESOME MOUNTAIN GRADUATION VACATION!


2016-04-19 23:39:25 by JazzFae

I need to actually finish something instead of making endless sketches... I don't know what it is. School pressures most likely. I just haven't finished an entire piece in so long that I feel a little weird about it, out of practice. I gotta ease myself back into art again as an everyday thing. The good thing is I am starting to get more ideas, so that's something!

I'm not a purist

2016-04-11 02:09:05 by JazzFae

I understand people like to use the traditional way of doing things, and may like having more stringent conditions for the way they make their art, and that's great. I'd never rebuke someone for how they choose to do things. However, I am not a purist, and a lot of other people aren't purists either. If I do pixel art, I'm gonna "cheat" and use blending modes and take advantage of transparencies. If I see a particular brush or shortcut that I like, I'm going to take it  and use it. The way I do my stuff is not a comment on how other people do theirs, so it's puzzling the amount of friction that goes on in the art community because of little things like that.

If you make art (or do anything else creative), then enjoy the way you do your stuff. Brag about it and show it off. But do not try to impose your values on other people, okay? If you think their art would look better this way or that, or you're upset that more people aren't doing it "your way" or "the pure way", then that really isn't anyone's business but your own. More often than not, the other person is perfectly happy with how they do things, and in regards to "purity", a lot of people simply don't care. Do you.

(And in all honesty, with all the modern technology everyone on this planet uses every day, which includes comfy chairs, premade pencils and paints, lightboxes, software, anatomical models, and countless other stuff, it's just plain hypocritical to judge someone for taking advantage of the fruits of these advancements in their art. Unless you're out there grinding up flowers/shells and making pigment from scratch, then wrestling wild boars for brushes, then you are also "cheating".)

Wooo! I did a thing!~

2016-04-01 06:05:28 by JazzFae

Feel sooo accomplished with my little giffy! I just keep looking at it over and over

Just wanna art man

2016-03-28 00:51:41 by JazzFae

So much stuff I want to be making but school school school... I can't wait until I graduate in May. I got a 60 page paper due before then and I can finally relax. If I get that knocked out of the way early then I can focus on animating again.