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Entry #5

Almost done with school!

2016-04-29 20:22:14 by JazzFae

Yippee! All I have left is a finance final on Monday and then it will only be a few days until the graduation ceremony. So excited to finally get this degree off my back! (even though I have no interest in the field. at all.) Suddenly my artistic spirit is slowly trickling back... I'm going to finish some of those sketches I've had laying around. It would be nice to get something pretty up before my AWESOME MOUNTAIN GRADUATION VACATION!


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2016-04-29 21:06:17



2016-05-16 11:14:25

Good for you, I finished myself back in December. Grade school that is, I'm hoping to get into University.

Anyways, I seen you were mentioned on the BBS about art.
It looks pretty cool.

JazzFae responds:

Thanks and good luck getting into uni!