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Just wanna art man

2016-03-28 00:51:41 by JazzFae

So much stuff I want to be making but school school school... I can't wait until I graduate in May. I got a 60 page paper due before then and I can finally relax. If I get that knocked out of the way early then I can focus on animating again.


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2016-03-28 02:25:03

Never heard of Dokuga before, but glad to see you had responses to your writings there! Newgrounds has a small, but strong writer's forum here Have a look, maybe it's worth posting there.

Best of luck filling 60+ pages with compelling and yet accurate info!

JazzFae responds:

Oh thanks! I never even considered that people were writing here, too. I have been wanting to post some original stories, so maybe I'll give it a shot ^^

Thanks for the luck!


2016-03-29 19:19:35

I think experience and thoughtful risk taking, beat out luck, so maybe I misspoke lol. Haven't done a paper since before the internet, but having an Apple IIc, a 17k word processor and a printer sure helped in the late 80's

It's kind of hit or miss there, but some good short stories used to get made into animations

JazzFae responds:

Wooooow, you wouldn't think so, but I know where you're coming from. My folks were always late to get any kind of technology, so my first computer was like... the first apple in existence with no concept of this "inter-net" you speak of. The box thing with no color. And I was a 90s kid lol.


2016-03-29 22:33:26

Hm sounds like you had older parents too. If it weren't for my mom's pop being heavily into recent tech, it's likely my parents never would've ponied up the grand or so to buy it... and it was shit, with no way to upgrade memory. The IIc I had kept ticking till the mid-90's, kind of a shame, I still have the floppies I wrote on, as well as the pre-cursor game to the Fallout series called 'Wasteland'